A different approach
to simple, powerful, and affordable web services.
At Sparklit, we believe in unique solutions for reliable, efficient, and innovative web apps.
Check out our simple to use tools below, each available in customized packages.


AdButler is a hosted ad management system that can help you manage your online advertising. Easily schedule and manage campaigns, deliver impressions, monitor performance reports, and handle your advertiser accounts.


ActiveBoard is a an easy-to-use hosted forum. We host the forum, maintain the forum software and keep it updated with new features. Setup takes 5 minutes or less, and configuration is a snap.


Get your own blog running in seconds! BlogBaker is an easy to setup, easy to use hosted blog platform, with customizable themes and widgets.


SurveyLogix survey software allows you to create surveys using your content, style and process. Distribute surveys via website links or email.

  Web Polls

Invite user input and participation. Configuration is easy using our web-based interface, and the service is completely hosted.


Newsletters are the ideal solution for webmasters wanting to encourage repeat visitors and build a client base. The simple, easy-to-use interface requires no technical knowledge so you can start building your mailing list immediately!

  Affiliate Program

Make money with your website by promoting our products. Add a link and start earning today.
Simple, powerful, and affordable web services
At Sparklit, we're focused on finding unique solutions through reliable, efficient, and innovative web apps. Since 1998, our suite of simple-to-use tools have helped countless companies leverage the web to grow their business and increase their profitability.
“Love your company’s stuff and really appreciate the first class customer support!”
- Rick Bateman